All of our athletes have exceptional stories, but we wanted to feature a few that are particularly inspiring and fun to follow. We have had to honor of working with so many amazing people, currently and in the past, who continue to break down barriers and blow our minds. We hope you enjoy them too!


Colin O'Brady

Colin is truly one of the most gifted athletes we've had the pleasure of working with.
He is a Professional Triathlete, who overcame enormous odds after suffering a catastrophic burn injury where he was told he may never be able to walk again. Inspired by his mother, he decided he would not only walk, but race a triathlon one day. When he got to that first race... he WON the overall and continued to win. He then set the bar even higher and decided to attempt to break the World Record for The Explorer's Grand Slam, summiting the tallest peaks on each of the seven continents and traversing the North and South Poles in record time, all for the cause of bringing awareness to the issue of childhood obesity. He achieved his goal and holds the New World Record at 139 days. Leading up to this accomplishment he worked with Shawn on specific strength training for this awesome journey. Thank you Colin, for being freaking amazing.


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Cymon Kersch

Cymon is a current Steelhead Select Athlete, and saying that it has been inspiring to watch her race this past season is an understatement. She continues to blow our minds with her performances at multiple races, including stellar finishes at Olympic Distance National's and World's this year. Not only can she race at this awesome capacity, but she does it all while studying as an M.D/Ph.D. student in the OHSU School of Medicine and always with a positive uplifting attitude and a smile. Just, Wow. Cymon, you never cease to amaze. Keep reaching for the stars! Cymon has been Coaching with Shawn and Steelhead for the past year and is a member of the Portland Triathlon Club.

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Emily is a former NC State Cross Country All-American, who suffered a labral tear and was plagued and sidelined by injuries for years. She is an exceptionally passionate runner who recently qualified for the U.S. Cross Country World Championship Team. Emily has been strength training with Shawn for over a year and a half in an attempt to re-gain her collegiate running form. We are so proud of Emily for making the World Team. 

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