Coach Shawn Bostad

IG @steelheadpdx

USAT Level 2 Triathlon Coach, Swim Coach, Personal Trainer

University of Texas Triathlon Club Coach



Shawn’s Coaching Philosophy: 
“I take a holistic approach towards coaching and training to ensure all my clients reach the starting line injury-free, mentally prepared and physically-tuned to compete at their optimal level. I understand each individual has unique goals which require unique program development. With that in mind, I prioritize individual evaluation and regular coach/client communication.  This level of communication ensures that no stone is left unturned, and no corners are cut.  Equally important, is balance in life. We can allow the body to develop naturally according to its own physiological clock and each client's personal goals.  I place emphasis on specificity, “pre-hab”, and strength to make resilient athletes.  I will work you harder than you ever thought possible, but you’ll be ready.  My job is to help you develop the confidence to know that you’ll be able to tackle any workout, race or speed bump that life has in store.”


  • Bachelors Degree – University of Wisconsin Stevens Point – Foreign Languages

  • USAT LEVEL 2 Certified

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Kinetic Chain Dysfunction Certification

  • FMS Level 1 Certified

  • Trigger Point Technologies Institute Certified Instructor

  • CPR and AED Certified

Athletic Experience

  • 19 years of competitive running, cycling, and swimming experience

  • 6 years of competitive track and field experience

  • 4 years of elite-level ultra marathon racing

  • Category 3 Road Cyclist

  • Numerous Top 10 Finishes in regional and national triathlons

  • 14 years of competitive soccer

Professional Experience

  • Professional Coach since 1999

  • Professional Swim Instructor since 1999

  • Owner- Steelhead Coaching

  • Co-founder of the Portland BATWOMEN

  • Director and founder of Pure Austin Coaching 2009-2013

  • Cofounder of Lactic Edge – UWSP Triathlon Club

  • Cofounder of Trail Factor Running Group, Portland OR

  • Fitness Specialist since 2004


I had been doing triathlons for 2 years starting in the shorter distances while getting accustomed to the demand of the three disciplines. After taking a year off due to an injury and laziness, I decided I needed the healthy outlet that training and racing provides. I had done a couple of 70.3 races on my own by following an online free training program that was pretty standard for finishing a race. I decided to do the full iron distance in late 2011 and chose to do The Herman Memorial IM in the Woodlands. I knew that I was going to need a much more intensive and specific approach so I vetted through my options in the area. Shawn and I started working together in December of 2011 developing a plan that fit my schedule and level of fitness. I needed a plan that took into consideration my personal commitments and professional responsibilities which included traveling 3 weeks a month. Shawn built a plan that would allow me not only to finish but meet and exceed my goals. I’ve PR’ed every distance since working with Shawn, from sprint to 70.3 distance and finished my first IM twenty minutes ahead of goal on a day that hit 90 degrees and 90% humidity. His plan and consultative approach to coaching gave me a systematic process on endurance training and recovery. His knowledge and intel into all aspects of the sport and the necessary fueling requirements has resulted in great race day results and an resounding confidence in my ability to complete whatever distance we target. Shawn will be coaching me in 2013 with an even more aggressive 70.3 and full distance race schedule.
I have worked with Shawn for over a year and have without a doubt improved under his guidance. His in-depth, physiological knowledge regarding training and how it affects the body has allowed me to challenge myself and work hard while staying injury free.
— LESLEY SMITH Professional Triathlete
Shawn has provided individualized coaching for me for the past few years. He creates a training plan every week that is aligned with my (full-time) work schedule, very specific to my somewhat exotic off-road triathlon needs and optimized for my busy race calendar. The workouts are very challenging at times, but with plenty of recovery as needed. During the time I have been working with Shawn I have progressed from a novice triathlete to winning my age-group in almost every race for the past 1.5 years and winning overall female in many of them. Shawn really cares about the athletes he is coaching and considers every detail of the feedback I am providing to help me improve my performance even further. I am looking forward to see what we can achieve together in the future.
— MELANIE ETHERTON Professional X-Terra Athlete
Shawn was an excellent coach and helped me gear up for the Ironman World Championships this past year. He helped motivate me to exceed my expectations for a Kona finish. He was always available and in tune with my physical capabilities and limitations. If you want a coach who genuinely cares about your best interests and motivations, then Shawn is the coach to hire.
Thank you Shawn for bringing back the athlete in me! I had been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor since 1988 and was pretty cautious with regards to hiring a trainer for my own needs. From the minute I started training with Shawn I knew he was a true professional and had my best interests and goals at heart. I have not only improved physically by becoming stronger, leaner & faster, but I have truly enjoyed my workouts with Shawn. I had one goal when I started working with Shawn, and that was to qualify for the USAT Olympic National Championships. After working with Shawn I qualified for Championships after my first triathlon of the season under Shawn’s guidance! I highly recommend Shawn for anyone’s training needs and goals!
At 40 years-old and with numerous triathlons, duathlons and mountain biking and running races under my belt, I consider myself an active and competitive recreational athlete. I had the privilege of training with Shawn in Austin, TX and can honestly say that he is the best athletic trainer that I’ve ever been associated with. The characteristics of a successful trainer are, without a doubt, many. However, I believe some of the most fundamental include: knowledge, charisma, leadership skills, creativity, caring, and enthusiasm, the ability to create an inclusive environment and, maybe the most important, results-oriented. These are just a few of the areas in which Shawn excels. When he trains he speaks from the practical perspective that only personal experience can provide. He combines his wealth of experience with a solid understanding of the science of fitness. This knowledge combined with his creativity, enthusiasm and love for what he does enables him to create very popular and very successful workout programs for all levels of athletes from the professional racer to the person who might be entering the gym for the first time. His classes were always tough, but they were also always full. People gravitate to him because of his contagious enthusiasm and because they know they’ll be better off if they follow his instruction. Even in a city full of exceptional athletes and trainers, we certainly miss him.
I joined Shawn’s training group two months before I was scheduled to participate in my first ever Half Ironman. I had never swam in open water before and realized that I was in jeopardy of not making the swim cut-off if I didn’t learn how to swim in the open water. I really don’t think I would have finished the swim in the cut-off if I hadn’t joined up with Shawn and taken advantage of the open water swims at the Quarry. I ended up beating my own finish time goal by 15 minutes and successfully finished my first ever Half Ironman. Since then, Shawn has helped me tremendously with my running. I have set and broken at least 5 running PRs since joining, with the biggest accomplishment being a 24 minute PR in the marathon. Shawn and team PAC has shown me that I have more potential than I realized and has helped me to push myself above and beyond what I thought was possible. I am so happy that I found Shawn and look forward to many more successes.